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Cloud PBX with UC

You might have heard terms like "Hosted PBX", "Cloud PBX" or "Virtual PBX" when shopping around for the right phone system solution for your business. There's really not much difference. To put it simply, hosted PBX phone system solution allows you all the features the big guys have without worrying about an actual PBX box at your business location. Instead, we host your phone service on our servers using your internet connection and provide you the desk phones. Pair that with an affordable monthly price and without all the headaches of owning, installing and managing complicated hardware and software.

No matter the size or location, SynerTech can simplify the way you manage your business communications with our cloud phone system with Unified Communications.

Unified Communications


Unified communications – or UC for short – may not be a household name...but it's hit the big time when it comes to business productivity.

Industry experts UCStrategies defined unified communications as “communications integrated to optimize business processes” What'll knock your socks off is what UC can do for your business.

With UC, one application display rules them all. Manage your phone calls, voicemail, instant messaging (IM), conference calls, email, screen sharing, video conferences, and even who's at their desk or on the phone (known as "presence") on one screen. That makes it easy to connect quickly and easily with the right people at the right time, from any location or device.UC refers to software that bring together a bunch of communication and collaboration tools into a – you guessed it – unified experience. Business UC gives you one place to connect with everyone in your company as well as with your customers and suppliers.

To find out how a Cloud PBX system with UC can help your business.  See presentation

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