Media: Voice, Data and IT Networking Solutions

Synertech It Solutions provides media companies with reliable, scalable, networking solutions with constant monitoring ensuring “always on” service.

Synertech It Solutions provides network solutions to media organizations, aligning voice, data, networking, and security with IT infrastructure and technology for comprehensive, robust, communications solutions. We understand the very lifeblood of media companies is information; timely information that must be available on a moment's notice and increasingly, that availability is online: text, video and audio. We design customized solutions that meet your specific needs including around-the-clock network monitoring and support to ensure your site is always up and running—so that you’re delivering the latest information and content. With our high-availability, "always on" suite of flexible, managed services for media companies, we scale bandwidth, servers and more to help meet traffic surges. And we provide those services at a fraction of the cost it would take you to do it in house.

Synertech Hosted Solutions offers a full menu of managed services specifically tailored for media organizations—including network services, OS management, applications hosting, and network security. In addition,

Synertech offers complete voice and data networking solutions including VoIP and data solutions, dedicated Internet, Ethernet, MPLS networking solutions and much more.

Learn more about Synertech technology solutions for the Media Industry including:

* Data Solutions

* Cloud Computing

* Managed Services

* Voice Solutions

* Data Center Solutions

* Dedicated Internet


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