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Get Synertech Voice Solutions With Business Phone Service for Communicating More Effectively With the People You do Business With.

Synertech It Solutions Voice Solutions offers business phone service with a full spectrum of traditional and next-generation business phone solutions to meet your needs today and prepare you for tomorrow. Whether your business needs a voice communications solution for a large centralized campus, geographically dispersed facilities, hundreds of remote locations, or all of the above, Synertech It Solutions will help you select the voice and business phone services that best fit your current and future needs. We draw upon our long-standing communications heritage, vast industry expertise and the world-class technology of our partners to deliver industry-leading voice communications solutions to meet the growing demands of today’s business world.

Digital Channelized Service (DCS)

Digital Channelized Service (DCS) offers Digital Trunks provided via a T1 facility with 24 channels (DID, 2-way, or combination of both), featuring the ability to transmit voice or data services over these channels.


Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) is a high-quality, all-digital communications service that gives your business the ability to transmit voice, data, and packet data simultaneously—all at a relatively low-cost.


Centrex is an advanced, feature-rich voice solution that provides your business with a key system, or PBX-type environment, without the need for an onsite telephone system. This solution also helps you to avoid costly up-front capital outlay for equipment and ongoing maintenance.


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