Business Broadband Internet Access

Dedicated Business Broadband Internet Access Keeps Your Business Connected with Efficiency and Reliability.

Synertech It Solutions offers high-speed broadband Internet access options designed to help your business reduce costs, boost productivity and increase worker efficiency. Our large, carrier-class network is robust and reliable for dependable Internet access and connectivity including high bandwidth, high-speed T1 Dedicated Internet and Ethernet Internet. As your business enterprise grows, so does your dependency on the Internet for access to real-time business applications, not to mention a demand for faster and more efficient connectivity. When it’s all said and done, you need a technology partner your business can rely on. Secure, robust, and dependable are Synertech network cornerstones as the full-service communications services provider your business can trust.

T1 Dedicated Internet

Synertech Dedicated Internet provides high-speed Internet access delivered via a range of T-1, multiple T-1, or higher speed SONET circuits with dedicated access so your connection is not shared and you never compete for bandwidth when you need it. Dedicated T-1 service is ideal for businesses that need secure, high bandwidth access to send and receive large amounts of data, conduct video conferences, run web-based applications, stream video, provide multi-site access and more.

Ethernet Internet

Synertech Ethernet Internet delivers dedicated bandwidth similar to a T1 connection to your business at a much lower cost. Ethernet Internet provides consistent throughput and reliable performance at all times to support the most advanced business applications and extreme bandwidth requirements.

Synertech Also Offers Synertech Hosted Solutions Customers High-Capacity Internet Connectivity Via Our Managed Internet Service.


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