Managed Router

Synertech Managed Router keeps your data network moving.

With Managed Router from Synertech In Solutions, we manage your network end to end, providing single source simplicity and a worry-free solution for your business. From router configuration to installation, management to maintenance, Synertech Managed Router takes over the responsibility of managing your network routers, enabling optimal network performance, better resource allocation, and faster issue resolution while also freeing up your in-house IT resources for more business-critical projects.

We help you avoid network problems like delays, network slowdowns, unauthorized access, denial of access to authorized users, and configuration errors that are often traced to the router. Synertech Managed Router determines the best and most efficient paths to move your data to its destination so you spend more time working, not waiting.

Managed Router Features

  • Router Install and Configuration: Synertech expert technicians handle router configuration, installation, maintenance, and repair, saving your company the internal costs of network management.
  • Configuration Management: We'll back up your router's configuration so changes are not lost if an outage occurs.
  • Change Management: All of your network moves, adds or changes are managed for you.
  • Hardware Replacement: Flexible maintenance options for your equipment let you choose either next business day or 4-hour replacement.
  • Security: Firewall protection to block unwanted Internet traffic and unauthorized user access to your network.
  • Router Reporting: We'll provide monthly utilization reports automatically via email.
  • 24x7x365 Customer Support: Our fully staffed, on-call customer support protects your network around-the-clock.

Customer must purchase an approved router device from Synertech In Solutions. Router management services available for Ethernet Internet, Dedicated Internet, VPN and VLAN services.


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