Managed  Network  Security

Synertech Managed Network Security provides a comprehensive, unified security solution with CPE or cloud-based delivery options.

Synertech Managed Network Security unifies stand-alone network security services, such as anti-virus protection, firewall and intrusion prevention and detection, into one robust network security solution.

Our Managed Network Security solutions include cloud-based and customer premise equipment (CPE) options. We go beyond protecting PC desktops, defending your entire office-computing environment-application servers, desktop PCs, Wireless LAN, network printers and more-with custom, comprehensive, real-time protection against Internet attacks. Synertech Managed Network Security Solutions provides security without the hassle. We set it up, maintain it and manage network security for you.


* Managed Network Security Features

  • - Firewall with customizable rules
  • - Intrusion Detection Services with application intelligence to detect and prevent malicious traffic from gaining network access
  • - Anti-virus protection
  • - Perimeter security
  • - 24/7 monitoring by Synertech Network Operations Center
  • - Immediate updates to security when new threats emerge
  • - Security log storage
  • - Weekly security reporting
  • - VPN configuration options via "Remote Protect"
  • - Flexible delivery methods: CPE or Cloud-Based
  • - Secure Wi-Fi options
  • - Web content filtering

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