Data Solutions

Internet, Voice and Data Solutions Built Specifically for Businesses.

Synertech Data Solutions deliver customized, cost effective and efficient Internet and data solutions that give our customers the peace of mind they need to focus on their business, not their networks. Synertech In Solutions is a proven technology partner committed to keeping up with the rapid pace of today’s business environment and keep businesses well ahead of the technology curve.

VoIP and Data Bundle

Advanced Voice over IP (VoIP) solutions providing phone services and high-speed Internet with a single network connection to lower costs—dynamically alternating between voice and Internet to manage your calls as volume dictates.

Hosted VoIP and Data Bundle

A turnkey, hosted managed solution providing a single voice and data communications platform for managing all your VoIP and data equipment, installation, maintenance, support, updates and more.

T1 Bundle

Bundle your business voice, Internet, and network services together with a powerful, dedicated T-1 connection for point-to-point voice and private line service for data applications.


Private multi-site connections via our MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) advanced IP network with Virtual Private Network (VPN) Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) options for fast and secure communications between multiple locations.

Managed Network Security

Synertech Managed Network Security unifies the critical security services you need to stay protected anti-virus protection, firewalls, intrusion prevention and detection into a single unified threat-management solution. Productivity enhancing IPSec VPN, remote access VPN, local WiFi access, and Web content filtering options are also available.

Managed Router

From router configuration to installation, management to maintenance, Synertech takes on the responsibility for managing your network routers to enable increased network performance, better resource allocation and faster issue resolution.

Private Line

Point-to-point service transmits data securely and quickly over a private line connection that belongs to you and you alone. This service is perfect for companies that require high data transmission speeds between central locations.

Frame Relay

Frame Relay provides business customers a telecommunication service for cost-efficient data transmission of traffic between local area networks and end-points in a wide area network.


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