Financial markets move very fast. If information is unavailable, even for a few minutes, the financial impact can be significant.

In the last 15 months, more than 70% of financial institutions have experienced a data center outage resulting in millions of dollars lost – and these events have not gone unnoticed

“Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Survey”, Zerto Corp Survey. March 2014."

Several banks have made headlines when customers could not access account information.

Virtual Replication is rapidly becoming the standard for disaster recovery in virtualized and cloud environments and can deliver robust protection for financial services applications and data. Get proven expert strategies and technology solutions for banking and financial services from Synertech Solutions.

Fulfilling Financial Services Requirements

• Ensure the security and availability of information

• Provide information across thousands of locations, including ATMs, websites, and branch offices

• Support audit requirements to demonstrate alignment with various regulations

• Clearly demonstrate disaster recovery processes through regular testing

• Reduce costs while delivering exceptional services for a clear competitive advantage.

Comprehensive Solutions

Synertech Solutions offers  to financial services firms aligning advanced operation risk mitigation, production-grade compliance DataCenters, private lines for secure point to point replication, and information security infrastructure technology for reliable, robust solutions. With financial transactions, fund transfers, electronic trading, data analysis, information exchanges and more all occurring in real time on a global stage, speed and security are crucial with no room for error. With our extensive financial industry experience with banks and brokerage, accounting, insurance and other financial services firms, we offer proven effective strategies and technology solutions that improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, secure customer data, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and grow top line revenues.

Our services portfolio is one of the most comprehensive in the industry including voice, data, and Internet along with cloud computing, colocation, and datacenter managed services. You get comprehensive solutions designed to optimize back-office and core-application processing—increasing productivity and effectiveness while ensuring security and tight regulatory compliance.

At Synertech, we live and breathe business continuity and disaster recovery with an army of experts and strategically-located data centers running network infrastructure for some of the biggest names in financial services: locally, regionally, and nationally. With a wealth of specialized experience including a full knowledge of GRC rules, we bring you expert advice, dependable always-on service and efficient solutions to keep costs low—so you can rest easy. And that's the bottom line.


Learn more about Synertech technology solutions for the Banking and Financial Services Industry including:

Virtual Replication ( Zerto )

Production Grade Compliance DataCenters.

Private Line Point-to-Point.

Redundant Interner BGP.


“ Zerto’s hypervisor-based replication solution eliminates risk. Zerto’s replication solution is incredibly simple to set up, use and manage. We recently did a disaster recovery test to fail over production to our Atlanta datacenter. With just a few clicks, and in less than 30 minutes, we had all of our production applications back up. Furthermore, support has been outstanding, and it delivers on the RPO/RTOs that our company requires.”

— Jeff Chandler, VP of Technology Operations, Jefferson National Financial Corp



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