Get the peace of mind with Synertech Enterprise-class, virtual aware BC/DR Solutions for the DataCenter and the Cloud our experts take care of your mission-critical applications.

Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Engineers have seen hundreds of VM's installations and configurations encountering countless unique issues along the way. They live and breathe BC/DR and understand its intricacies to maintain your Virtual BC/DR environment 24/7. They also work alongside specialists in Network, Security, DBA, Storage and Virtualization, so you've got access to an entire team with experts in every layer.

How confident are you with your DRaaS provider or Business Continuity Disaster Recovery support today? Given its complexity-one mistake and your application could crash. Why take chances? If you're running businesses, get our specialized BCDR Engineer support to ensure that your Disaster Recovery strategy works remains up and ready to run at all times.

If you are force-fitting a physical replication solution for DR of virtualized applications, you’re missing out on the key benefits of virtual-aware disaster recovery:

Benefit 1: Reduce Hardware Costs

Software-only and hardware-agnostic – so you can replicate from any type of storage to any type of storage.

  • Leverage existing, underutilized storage as the replication target.
  • Leverage lower-cost storage at the replication site.

Benefit 2:  Reduce Complexity and Streamline IT Operations

Dramatically reduces your day-to-day management complexity and streamlines your operations, eliminating the complexity typically associated with managing BC/ DR software solutions. Many of the manual tasks associated with a typical DR solution are automated with hypervisor replication, reducing or eliminating errors.

  • Select a VM in VMWare vSphere vCenter or Microsoft Hyper-V and, with a few clicks, it is replicated and protected.
  • SynerTech ZCE fully automates the entire failover and failback process, including creation of all the VMs, reconfiguring IP addresses and executing custom scripts.
  • Absolutely NO snapshots.  Zerto uses continuous replication and does not utilize snapshots which can slow down your production environment.
  • With Zerto’s unique ‘Virtual Protection Group’ concept, you can protect an entire application spanning multiple VMs with a single policy and a single automated failover and failback process.
  • Zerto seamlessly supports VMWare VMotion, DRS and HA, plus Storage VMotion and DRS. With Zerto, you are able to fully realize the benefits of VMWare and ensure your data protection strategy is maintained exactly as you have specified.
  • Zerto’s software-automated installation does not require any changes to your storage or server infrastructure, making deployment simple and straightforward. The entire install process is completed in minutes

Benefit 3: Powerful BC/DR for Mission-Critical Applications

Protecting mission-critical applications, servers, & databases is not only about copying data. It is about ensuring application recovery, protecting from logical errors and frequently testing failover to ensure you can recover when needed.

  • Protect entire applications by selecting the VMs that are part of the application and let Zerto do the rest.
  • Ensure consistent application protection and recovery with Zerto’s Virtual Protection Group, with or without VSS support.
  • Test failover with the click of a button, while maintaining protection of your production application.
  • Recover from logical errors with ‘point-in-time’ recovery, enabling you to failover to a previous point in time.
  • Virtual Machines Supported

    * VMWare vSphere (Any Version)
    * Microsoft Hyper-V (Any Version)



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