Data Backup

Many data backup systems don't protect your business. They put it at risk.

SynerTech Hosted Solutions Hi-Touch Backup Services offer proven, scalable reliable data backup solutions to help ensure uninterrupted access and protection of mission-critical data and applications that are hosted within our enterprise-class data centers.

An aging tape infrastructure or outdated software can bring about a loss of data or an outright failure to meet your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and business continuity plans in the event of a disaster or other interruption to your operations. If your tape backup fails, can you restore it? And that legacy software-will it be an obstacle to the next technology refresh or rendered obsolete by it? At SynerTech Hosted Solutions, we've got your back with advanced data backup solutions.

Data Backup Features

* Your data is backed up using state-of-the-art systems and processes

* Pay-as-you-grow infrastructure - no expensive inventories

* Complete implementation and 24/7 management and monitoring

* Cost-effective shared storage - or choose a dedicated equipment option

* Back up to our tape, or we'll rotate and store your media off-site

Cross-Site Backups

* Perform full-featured cross-site backups between our multiple data centers as easily as a single-site backup

* The only additional charge is for bandwidth usage on our private network connections

Learn More

* Invite us to apply our best practices backup strategy to your data infrastructure

* Give our capabilities a stress test


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