Managed Data Replication

Flexible Managed Data Replication restores confidence by restoring business-from anywhere to any point in time.

Hi-Touch Managed Replication from SynerTech Hosted Solutions protects your business from catastrophic events with continuous data protection and real-time data replication. As the most flexible replication on the market, it can be centrally managed, requires no host-based software and is OS - and application-independent.


Hi-Touch Replication Services provide replication between Storage Area Network Systems located at one or more of our data centers. The service allows replication within different types of storage such as FibreChannel and SATA.


If data recovery is not enough-if downtime is intolerable-if your RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) are one and the same, this product provides the extraordinary level of assurance you need.


Managed Data Replication Benefits

* Real-time replication of customer data between sites

* No synchronous penalty

* Continuous data protection

* Images can be rolled back to specific points in time


Installation, Configuration and Monitoring

* For customer infrastructure within our data center, we provide turnkey installation, configuration, monitoring, and appliance management.

* For customer infrastructure located at your own data center, we perform physical installation of the appliances.

* We then monitor your storage appliances and associated infrastructure using SNMP-based monitoring.


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