Managed Cloud Storage

The market's most flexible data storage as a managed solution.

SynerTech Hosted Solutions Cloud Storage is a storage-on-demand solution that provides businesses with complete control over the storage, distribution and retrieval of data from any location, anytime, using a web interface.

With SynerTech Cloud Storage, our customers have unmatched flexibility. Each customer specifies their data storage requirements through a web services API, allowing them to access and change their storage capacity on demand. Cloud Storage also eliminates the need to invest in expensive data storage equipment and associated maintenance costs.

SynerTech's Cloud Storage is built on EMC's Atmos platform which is designed to help service providers, ISVs and developers manage external clouds and is powered from within our state-of-the-art data center. Cloud Storage combines massive scalability and unmatched flexibility with automated data placement, efficiently delivering content and information anywhere in the world through an easy-to-access web interface. Now leveraging CloudArray™ from TwinStrata, Cloud Storage provides easy access and increased performance for applications accessing data through a Cloud Storage implementation.

Cloud Storage is availalble as part of the SynerTech Hosted Solutions Cloud Platform or as a standalone service. Cloud Storage delivers a full range of benefits that our customers have come to rely on including rapid implementation, elimination of upfront capital expenditures on hardware and ongoing maintenance costs, and the ability to add extra storage on an as-needed basis. SynerTech's Cloud Storage service is designed to help businesses easily implement cloud storage infrastructures that support key data protection functionalities such as replication, backup/restore, data archiving, disaster recovery, data/application mobility, data availability/security, and elastic capacity.

Cloud Storage Features:

* Flexible data storage that expands in real time to accommodate the amount of data stored

* Enterprise-grade network security features

* Pre-defined storage policies to control distribution of data

* Web-based interface so users can upload or retrieve data anywhere anytime from any device connected to the Internet

* Pricing model that allows you to pay only for the storage capacity, network, and security services that you use

* Backed by a service-level agreement of 99.9% availability

Cloud Storage Advantages:

* Ability to specify data location which impacts performance objectives and regulatory compliance

* Avoid upfront capital expenses on equipment and ongoing maintenance expenses

* Ability to increase storage capacity on-demand

* Meet peak demand without over provisioning

* Acts as a cost-effective backup solution for your other data storage systems


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