Managed Storage

"Always On" data changes the definition of storage a bit.

At SynerTech Hosted Solutions, our cost-effective, high quality managed storage solutions delivered from within our enterprise-class data centers ensure your data is consistently available, replicable and manageable.

We have the industry's most complete range of business managed storage solutions available, including:

* Cloud Storage

* Managed SAN/NAS

* Data Deduplication

* Replication

* Backup

Our on-staff team of seasoned storage engineers implements custom managed storage solutions to meet your objectives. They work with you to understand your RPO (Recovery Point Objective) and RTO (Recovery Time Objective) requirements. They look at your entire environment to determine what you have today and where potential threats exist.

While storage has been used to imply off-line archives, today it's a fluid and ever-growing ocean of data that must be managed. With Synertech Managed Storage Services, you have a data storage solution with dead-on reliability.

Are you tiering your storage?

Check out the cost savings you can achieve with tiered storage. Our storage engineers will work with you to assess your environment to identify opportunities to significantly lower your storage costs.

Benefits of Tiered Storage


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