Managed Firewall

With a Managed Firewall from SynerTech Hosted Solutions, you have security specialists as dedicated and diligent to preserving security as intruders are to breaching it.

SynerTech Hi-Touch Managed Firewall Services are comprised of two equally vital components-the proper firewall hardware and software providing a barrier against intrusion, and security professionals who manage that barrier's selective impermeability.

With Managed Firewall, you get a complete firewall solution that protects your business with security experts who manage, monitor, and maintain network security including software updates, patch implementations, and firewall defense testing. The result provides controlled perimeter access to your equipment hosted in our data centers.

With external pressure constantly pushing against your firewall, you need 24/7 protection to keep your network security strong. Yet, no out-of-the-box firewall offers a perfect solution. All require proper configuration and once configured. Even the best firewall needs frequent upgrades, patches, testing and ongoing management. Our Managed Firewall security professionals within our enterprise-class data centers work with you at every point to implement and maintain the most cost-effective firewall to safeguard your business.

Managed Firewall Benefits


Our Security Specialists will:

* Design a proper firewall solution to protect your business

* Choose the best technology from leaders like Checkpoint and Juniper

* Fully install your firewall


Working with you, our Security Specialists will:

* Perform a security review of network configuration and firewall rule-set and recommend security improvements

* Customize configuration of firewall hardware and software per your rule-based Internet security policy

* Perform on-going firewall configuration and rule-set changes as you request

* Maintain backup of firewall configuration data

Management and Monitoring

On an ongoing basis, our Security Specialists will:

* Promptly respond to issues and make emergency changes as needed

* Stay apprised of new threats and vulnerabilities, conduct tests to probe firewall defenses, and maintain and upgrade the software


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