Managed Security Services

Let SynerTech Managed Security Services elevate your IT security and free up your IT staff.

Our Managed Security Services team works with you at every point to implement and maintain the most cost-effective solutions to safeguard your network and your business. The SynerTech Managed Security Services team includes some of the most experienced professionals in the business. They’re adept at working with clients with complex security demands and strict regulatory compliance requirements in sectors like financial services, healthcare, retail, SaaS and more.

Our Managed Security Services, delivered from our enterprise-class data centers, include vulnerability assessments, threat detection, penetration testing, incident response and more to help you identify and deal with security issues before and after they occur. We help you improve IT security while freeing your IT resources for projects that contribute to your business goals—and your bottom line.

Managed Security Services from SynerTech Hosted Solutions include the following options to keep intruders out and your data secure:

* Managed Firewall

* Managed Intrusion Detection


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