Business Continuity Solutions

Get SynerTech DRP and BCP Solutions with Every Tool You Need and Unmatched Depth of Services in Every Layer of the Stack.

You've got access to the most comprehensive set of Disaster Recovey and Business Continuity Services on the market for IT Solutions with SynerTech. No other company offers the depth of services in every layer of the stack. With SynerTech your network infrastructure, applications and systems are protected and maintained within an enterprise-class data center by certified experts with the experience to make your environment meet and exceed the constantly changing demands of users and customers.

What is Business Continuity Plan?


What does this mean for you? Whatever issue you encounter, you've got support from our team of seasoned engineers who have years of experience working in different environments. Best part, it all includes our signature "Hi-Touch" approach-consultative service at every phase.


What is Business Continuity Plan? PART II

Our Managed Services include:

* Managed DR Site (Data Center Alternate TIER 4)

* Multiple Carrier Network Services

* High Managed Security

* Vulnerability OS Management

* Middleware Server Management

* Database Replication/Failover Management

* Storage Replication Solutions

What is the Busines Continuity Process?

We design each of our managed services with top vendor solutions, appliances and platforms, add industry best practices and test mercilessly. But the secret additive is the quality of expert attention each SynerTech professional provides our business customers. We know this because our customers tell us so.


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