Virtualized Disaster Recovery

Practical and Reliable Disaster Recovery

The SynerTech VDR is a cloud computing solution that essentially blends and maximizes the best of a multi-tenant cloud and a dedicated environment or colocation environment. With our hybrid cloud, you can cross-connect existing back-end resources such as databases and other supporting applications to the cloud, providing you with greater flexibility.

A cloud-based  disaster recovery (DR) solution gives customers the protection they are looking for from a DR solution without the cost or the complexity of maintaining the server, networking, and facility infrastructures at a secondary site. We can replicate data and operating systems from a customer’s production environment into a managed cloud computing environment at a SynerTech facility and give customers the ability to failover their IT operations to a production-ready environment in case of a catastrophic outage at their primary facility.

Minimize Cost and Maximize Resources

Replicating into a managed cloud-based  computing environment requires much lower capital expense and ongoing management complexity compared to building and managing your own DR infra- structure.  Our experts deliver proven solutions that deliver reliable, repeatable, and predictable recovery with resources  guaranteed to be available when you need them and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO)/ Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) from seconds to hours, depending on customer requirements.

The hybrid cloud option allows you to leverage SynerTech's Cloud for web front-end computing power and other resources like network, firewall, load balancing and web servers. In addition, you can cross connect cloud computing resources directly into your environment to handle overflow situations such as seasonal spikes that require excess compute capacity.

The result is a single, more versatile environment powered out of our enterprise-class data center. Hybrid Cloud is the best fit for businesses with regulatory compliance or other requirements for which they don't want to run their whole application environment in the cloud (for instance, a database that has high throughput, low latency I/O requirements).

If you're interested in cloud but think it's not a fit because of compliance requirements or other application issues, check out the hybrid version of the SynerTech Cloud.


SynerTech VDR Cloud Attributes:

* Traditional dedicated environments cross-connected to a cloud environment, creating a single more versatile environment


SynerTech VDR Cloud Best Fits:

* Businesses that want to take advantage of the benefits of cloud while maintaining the ability to meet requirements which include the use of a physically separate environment

* Regulatory compliance such as PCI

* Performance concerns such as large CPU demands as may be required by certain database environments

* Existing physical infrastructure has not depreciated but additional capacity is required

* Overflow burst capacity


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