How Secure is Your Data Center?

You hear a lot about the reliability of data centers, but unless your data center provider is offering a 2N design, your business could be at risk.

So what is 2N design? A 2N power distribution design provides two separate and independent sources of power (A and B) to the datacenter. With no interconnections or interdependencies, there are no single points of failure that could impact both sources. This provides a much higher level of redundancy and reliability of power within the datacenter. At any time, one side can be taken down for maintenance, testing, or due to an unexpected failure while full facility load remains supported by the other side.

SynerTech Hosted Solutions' data centers feature a 2N design. For customers to take full advantage of the 2N power design they must deploy equipment with redundant power supplies.

Key Attributes of 2N or N+1 Power Distribution


True A and B Side Power Distribution

Each side has dedicated:

* Utility Feed : 24 Megawatts.

* Generator(s)  12 Power Generator.


* Main Electrical Switch Board

* UPS(s)

* Distribution Electrical Switch Board

* PDU(s)

300 Watts per Sq. ft.

180,000 GAL of Diesel

Concurrently Maintainable

* Maintenance can be performed on any component of one side without impact to datacenter load

Fault Tolerant

* Each side is capable of carrying full facility load in the event of failure

No Single Points of Failure

* Highly reliable

Carrier Neutral

* Highly reliable 160+ Global Carriers. and 90% Latin American Traffic.

At SynerTech Solutions, we customize a sophisticated solution for each individual customer. You can either choose the components that you need, including processing, space, bandwidth and backup business continuity, or our experts can partner to develop hardware based on your needs. Our Hi-Touch philosophy continues throughout the agreement, whether needs increase or scalability becomes an issue, and are guaranteed with industry-leading SLAs. All of this customization, as well as being hosted in the most state-of-the-art data centers in the industry. At SynerTech Solutions we are not just an outsourced resource, we are your business partner.

We hold Data Center Specialist Operator/Design Certification.


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